As you already know, I swam for 17 years and competed in two Olympic Games - London 2012 and Rio 2016. I started performing on the international level when I was 15 years old and have competed in numerous events all over the world. Below are videos of some of my favorite programs!

Notable Results

2016 - Rio Olympic Games 9th place (duet)

2015 - FINA World Championships 11th place (duet and team), Pan American Games 3rd place (duet and team)

2013 - World University Games 3rd place (team), US Collegiate Nationals 1st place (team and overall high point)

2012 - London Olympic Games 11th place (duet)

2011 - FINA World Championships 10th place (team), Pan American Games 2nd place (duet and team), FINA World Trophy

2010 - US Collegiate Nationals 1st place (duet)

2008 - US Junior Nationals 1st place (team, trio, overall high point), FINA Junior World Championships 8th place (team)

Duet Videos

Rio Duet Tech.png

Rio 2016 Olympics Duet Tech

Mariya Koroleva + Anita Alvarez - 8th place

Rio 2016 Olympics Duet Free

Mariya Koroleva + Anita Alvarez - 9th place

Team Videos